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AwesomeWM - Go to declaration (ctrl+B) - enhancement

See original GitHub issue

I’m using very often emmy lua in idea for AwesomeWM implementation.

It’s working good. I’m big fan of this approach. There is one topic which can improve my work and speed up my process very rapidly.

The feature Go to declaration (ctrl+B) works very good if the expression corresponds with library name. For example, naughty.notify() is correctly navigated to naughty.lua it is correct.

But for example: awful.keyboard.append_client_keybindings(), The aweful is the library defined by directory awful/init.lua and the keyboard.lua is declared in the init.lua and the keyboard.lua is placed in the directory awful. But this is not matched and jump to declaration doesn’t work, it is not possible to jump to keyboard.lua too. No match found.

Is it possible to extend Go to declaration for standard usage with directory and included lib files, like: aweful/init.lua and aweful/keyboard.lua => awful.keyboard.append_client_keybindings()

For more info, you can install awesome package, and look to libraries in /usr/share/awesome/lib package.

I understand that always there will be dynamic linkages, lua is very dynamic. But this behavior with directory and inside libraries with same name is fixed concept which I see many times in different projects too.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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CppCXYcommented, Dec 18, 2021

This is not emmylua annotation syntax, here should be

-- fishlive/layout.lua

---@class fishlive.layout
local layout = { _NAME = "fishlive.layout" }

return layout

and init,lua

-- init.lua

---@class fishlive
local fishlive = {}
---@type fishlive.layout
fishlive.layout = require "fishlive.layout"

raven2czcommented, Oct 28, 2022

I started to use vscode with lua integration. It works perfectly for awesomewm.

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