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Some suggestions and bugs...

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Hello, Great job on this plugin, it looks very promising and already has some features that are superior to Sylvanaar’s Lua plugin that I was using until now… 😃

Here is some feedback (I’ll probably edit this message as I go):


  • local a = function(...) isn’t recognized as a function, contrary to local function a(...). (screenshot)
  • Blacklisting parameter hints (right click on them) doesn’t work (no function name detected ,as far as I can tell)
  • When a variable (let’s say a) is detected as being a string, for instance, autocompleting a: gives nothing, but a. lists all applicable string methods (with a string argument as first parameter). This should be the reverse: propose autocompletions on a: and not a., and remove the first ‘s’ argument as it is passed implicitely with the colon call.
  • Type info doesn’t fully propagate, apparently. For instance, if function a returns a string, and b returns a(), then if c = b(), c won’t be automatically recognized as a string.
  • Typo: it’s “Tail call” not “Trail call”.


  • private support in @field. Which would autocomplete inside the class, but not anywhere else
  • support for multiple inheritance in @class. Separated by commas after the :?
  • Improve the stdlib documentation by writing the parameters etc. in the emmylua doc format (with @return, type hinting, etc.)
  • Multiple return values annotation support for @return. Separated by commas?
  • Table of type support. For instance: Vehicle[] would be for a table of Vehicle instances. Useful for pairs() where the variables would get auto-typed as Vehicle.
  • Alt-Enter support on standalone function names, not only on table methods or function arguments. Right now we have to type --- @return ... manually.
  • Support backticks (`) in comments/documentation to make it clear it’s a piece of code or code reference.


  • Semantic highlighting support. See this video by JetBrains
  • metamethods name autocompletion (__index, __tostring, etc. The standard ones)
  • Propose to refactor things like string.find(str, pattern) into str:find(pattern)
  • Custom class constructor hint support (maybe @constructor?). The class system I’m using is like: function MyClass:new(arg1, arg2...) (not init) called implicitely by the MyClass table __call, so it’d be helpful if local test = MyClass("hello", 42) would be recognized as calling the constructor, thus proposing parameters autocompletion etc.
  • LuaCheck static analysis support (parsing its output to add inline annotations, for instance)
  • More refactoring options like “Introduce variable” (like Sylvanaar’s in this video), methods, etc.
  • More code style options (about indenting, especially)
  • English documentation too 😄

Edit :

Also, regarding the plugin itself, you should add support for automatically report crashes to you (bug tracker in JetBrains I think?). Sylvanaar’s plugin (and others) are able to do that, so they gather user-reported bugs automatically (they just have to click a button to send a report when something goes wrong, and you get the backtrace)

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

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tangzxcommented, Apr 24, 2018

oh, that’s my mistake. usage should be like this

---@param a number
---@return number|string, number|string|table
function foo2(a)
  return a-1, a+1

but it doesn’t work, seems like a bug, let me fix

adriwebcommented, Jul 10, 2017

oh okay thanks 😃

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