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Error when running query_scheduled_exchanges for AT-HU Total Commercial Schedules

See original GitHub issue


I’m using query_scheduled_exchanges to download the Total Commercial Schedules between pairs of BiddingZones. For most pairs it works OK, but for the Austria-Hungary exchange (AT_HU, and the opposite direction), I’m getting an error:

ValueError: Length mismatch: Expected axis has 24 elements, new values have 93 elements

When I accessed data for this pair through the web interface, I noticed the data is given in 15minutes intervals, so maybe this error is connected with this representation. However, for some other pairs with 15 minutes data, like DE-LU_BE, query_scheduled_exchanges works fine.

I run the entsoe-py on WinPython (WPy64-4741) with Pandas 1.1.5.

Any help to resolve that issue will be much appreciated.

Code to reproduce the error:

from entsoe import EntsoePandasClient
import pandas as pd

client = EntsoePandasClient(api_key="xxx")

start = pd.Timestamp('20201101', tz='UTC')
end = pd.Timestamp('20201102', tz='UTC')

totATHU = client.query_scheduled_exchanges('AT', 'HU', start=start, end=end)


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:/dev/energy/code/mCEP_TP/tp_data/", line 9, in <module>
    trATHU = client.query_scheduled_exchanges('AT', 'HU', start=start, end=end)
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\entsoe\", line 828, in year_wrapper
    frame = func(*args, start=_start, end=_end, **kwargs)
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\entsoe\", line 1133, in query_scheduled_exchanges
    ts = parse_crossborder_flows(text)
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\entsoe\", line 183, in parse_crossborder_flows
    series = series.append(_parse_crossborder_flows_timeseries(soup))
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\entsoe\", line 521, in _parse_crossborder_flows_timeseries
    series.index = _parse_datetimeindex(soup)
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\pandas\core\", line 5154, in __setattr__
    return object.__setattr__(self, name, value)
  File "pandas\_libs\properties.pyx", line 66, in
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\pandas\core\", line 424, in _set_axis
    self._mgr.set_axis(axis, labels)
  File "E:\dev\WPy64-3741\python-3.7.4.amd64\lib\site-packages\pandas\core\internals\", line 227, in set_axis
    f"Length mismatch: Expected axis has {old_len} elements, new "
ValueError: Length mismatch: Expected axis has 24 elements, new values have 93 elements

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

quintinnicolascommented, Feb 23, 2021

Hi, It seems to be a similar problem as the one mentioned in #97, the issue occurs when duplicates are found in the xml returned by ENTSOE. A simple workaround is proposed in commit #101.

birnbaumcommented, Feb 24, 2021

Ah I see, thanks for the quick reply 😃 I’ll let you know if the fix works once the PR is merged!

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