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Addresses (broker pods) are not fully deleted

See original GitHub issue

Describe the bug During running shared test suite we can see that broker pods in infra namespaces are not deleted when addresses are removed.

It caused fails in our systemtests suite because pods consumes all resources on nodes so another tests cannot create another address (pods)

Additional context oc get events

2019-11-12T11:18:06Z   2019-11-12T10:03:20Z   331       standard-controller.1070108445                       Address       <none>    Warning   BrokerDeleteFailed   standard-controller      Error deleting broker cluster broker-b41e7da-pj2k: Failure executing: PATCH at: Message: StatefulSet.apps "broker-b41e7da-pj2k" is invalid: spec: Forbidden: updates to statefulset spec for fields other than 'replicas', 'template', and 'updateStrategy' are forbidden.. Received status: Status(apiVersion=v1, code=422, details=StatusDetails(causes=[StatusCause(field=spec, message=Forbidden: updates to statefulset spec for fields other than 'replicas', 'template', and 'updateStrategy' are forbidden., reason=FieldValueForbidden, additionalProperties={})], group=apps, kind=StatefulSet, name=broker-b41e7da-pj2k, retryAfterSeconds=null, uid=null, additionalProperties={}), kind=Status, message=StatefulSet.apps "broker-b41e7da-pj2k" is invalid: spec: Forbidden: updates to statefulset spec for fields other than 'replicas', 'template', and 'updateStrategy' are forbidden., metadata=ListMeta(_continue=null, remainingItemCount=null, resourceVersion=null, selfLink=null, additionalProperties={}), reason=Invalid, status=Failure, additionalProperties={}).

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:10 (10 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

lulfcommented, Nov 13, 2019

@kornys @k-wall I’ll have a look, its probably related to CRD refactor

k-wallcommented, Dec 3, 2019

@kornys I think this issue is now closable.

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