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file pattern not matching files

See original GitHub issue


I think I have found another issue with the file resolving function. In the log you can see that there are three files that should match the pattern, but the message is Could not find any files for /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports/*.xml. When I execute the function get_files on my Ubuntu computer locally, it gives the correct output for a similar pattern. Maybe this is related to #124.

Log output from this run:

2021-05-30T22:30:31.2902631Z Digest: sha256:b7ea10efb6d52e08899540fb953953b769cf16af1f525e8e204cd15a63f1a624
2021-05-30T22:30:31.2934937Z Status: Downloaded newer image for
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3031208Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3501074Z ##[group]Run actions/download-artifact@v2
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3502224Z with:
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3502694Z   name: UnitTestReport_Linux64
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3503312Z   path: /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3503789Z env:
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3504191Z   BUILD_TYPE: Release
2021-05-30T22:30:31.3504607Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:31.5280416Z Starting download for UnitTestReport_Linux64
2021-05-30T22:30:31.6415496Z Directory structure has been setup for the artifact
2021-05-30T22:30:31.6418346Z Total number of files that will be downloaded: 2
2021-05-30T22:30:31.6847345Z Artifact UnitTestReport_Linux64 was downloaded to /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:31.6851594Z Artifact download has finished successfully
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7000236Z ##[group]Run actions/download-artifact@v2
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7000820Z with:
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7001445Z   name: UnitTestReport_Windows32
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7002233Z   path: /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7002699Z env:
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7003095Z   BUILD_TYPE: Release
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7003505Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:31.7576899Z Starting download for UnitTestReport_Windows32
2021-05-30T22:30:31.8568214Z Directory structure has been setup for the artifact
2021-05-30T22:30:31.8581705Z Total number of files that will be downloaded: 2
2021-05-30T22:30:31.8811605Z Skipping download validation.
2021-05-30T22:30:31.8881896Z Skipping download validation.
2021-05-30T22:30:31.8888146Z Artifact UnitTestReport_Windows32 was downloaded to /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:31.8892960Z Artifact download has finished successfully
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9078265Z ##[group]Run actions/download-artifact@v2
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9078886Z with:
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9079435Z   name: UnitTestReport_Windows64
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9080352Z   path: /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9080909Z env:
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9081375Z   BUILD_TYPE: Release
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9081817Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:31.9890319Z Starting download for UnitTestReport_Windows64
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1042120Z Directory structure has been setup for the artifact
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1049148Z Total number of files that will be downloaded: 2
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1464631Z Artifact UnitTestReport_Windows64 was downloaded to /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1472420Z Artifact download has finished successfully
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1657592Z ##[group]Run mkdir /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1658595Z mkdir /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1659280Z mkdir /home/runner/work/BrickSim/catchReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1660096Z mv /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts/*junit* /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1661049Z mv /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts/*catch* /home/runner/work/BrickSim/catchReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1708847Z shell: /usr/bin/bash -e {0}
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1709222Z env:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1709598Z   BUILD_TYPE: Release
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1709984Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1891001Z ##[group]Run ls -Rl /home/runner/work/BrickSim
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1891638Z ls -Rl /home/runner/work/BrickSim
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1929727Z shell: /usr/bin/bash -e {0}
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1930105Z env:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1930493Z   BUILD_TYPE: Release
2021-05-30T22:30:32.1930888Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2142948Z /home/runner/work/BrickSim:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2143472Z total 16
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2145093Z drwxr-xr-x 2 runner docker 4096 May 30 22:30 BrickSim
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2145868Z drwxr-xr-x 2 runner docker 4096 May 30 22:30 artifacts
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2146678Z drwxr-xr-x 2 runner docker 4096 May 30 22:30 catchReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2147494Z drwxr-xr-x 2 runner docker 4096 May 30 22:30 junitReports
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2148907Z /home/runner/work/BrickSim/BrickSim:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2149336Z total 0
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2149970Z /home/runner/work/BrickSim/artifacts:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2150433Z total 0
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2151105Z /home/runner/work/BrickSim/catchReports:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2151964Z total 28
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2152828Z -rw-r--r-- 1 runner docker 11709 May 30 22:30 catchTestReport_Linux64.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2153845Z -rw-r--r-- 1 runner docker     0 May 30 22:30 catchTestReport_Windows32.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2154849Z -rw-r--r-- 1 runner docker 13033 May 30 22:30 catchTestReport_Windows64.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2155974Z /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2156473Z total 16
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2157264Z -rw-r--r-- 1 runner docker 7088 May 30 22:30 junitTestReport_Linux64.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2158290Z -rw-r--r-- 1 runner docker    0 May 30 22:30 junitTestReport_Windows32.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2159623Z -rw-r--r-- 1 runner docker 7409 May 30 22:30 junitTestReport_Windows64.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2250668Z ##[group]Run EnricoMi/publish-unit-test-result-action@v1.13
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2251576Z with:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2252104Z   files: /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports/*.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2252696Z   check_name: Catch2 Test Results
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2253225Z   comment_title: Catch2 Test Results
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2254192Z   github_token: ***
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2254628Z   fail_on: test failures
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2255099Z   hide_comments: all but latest
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2255543Z   comment_on_pr: true
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2256218Z   compare_to_earlier_commit: true
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2256725Z   pull_request_build: merge
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2257319Z   check_run_annotations: all tests, skipped tests
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2257820Z env:
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2258223Z   BUILD_TYPE: Release
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2258792Z ##[endgroup]
2021-05-30T22:30:32.2300360Z ##[command]/usr/bin/docker run --name ghcrioenricomipublishunittestresultactionv113_dc696b --label 8a33c1 --workdir /github/workspace --rm -e BUILD_TYPE -e INPUT_FILES -e INPUT_CHECK_NAME -e INPUT_COMMENT_TITLE -e INPUT_GITHUB_TOKEN -e INPUT_COMMIT -e INPUT_FAIL_ON -e INPUT_REPORT_INDIVIDUAL_RUNS -e INPUT_DEDUPLICATE_CLASSES_BY_FILE_NAME -e INPUT_HIDE_COMMENTS -e INPUT_COMMENT_ON_PR -e INPUT_COMPARE_TO_EARLIER_COMMIT -e INPUT_PULL_REQUEST_BUILD -e INPUT_TEST_CHANGES_LIMIT -e INPUT_CHECK_RUN_ANNOTATIONS -e INPUT_CHECK_RUN_ANNOTATIONS_BRANCH -e HOME -e GITHUB_JOB -e GITHUB_REF -e GITHUB_SHA -e GITHUB_REPOSITORY -e GITHUB_REPOSITORY_OWNER -e GITHUB_RUN_ID -e GITHUB_RUN_NUMBER -e GITHUB_RETENTION_DAYS -e GITHUB_ACTOR -e GITHUB_WORKFLOW -e GITHUB_HEAD_REF -e GITHUB_BASE_REF -e GITHUB_EVENT_NAME -e GITHUB_SERVER_URL -e GITHUB_API_URL -e GITHUB_GRAPHQL_URL -e GITHUB_WORKSPACE -e GITHUB_ACTION -e GITHUB_EVENT_PATH -e GITHUB_ACTION_REPOSITORY -e GITHUB_ACTION_REF -e GITHUB_PATH -e GITHUB_ENV -e RUNNER_OS -e RUNNER_TOOL_CACHE -e RUNNER_TEMP -e RUNNER_WORKSPACE -e ACTIONS_RUNTIME_URL -e ACTIONS_RUNTIME_TOKEN -e ACTIONS_CACHE_URL -e GITHUB_ACTIONS=true -e CI=true -v "/var/run/docker.sock":"/var/run/docker.sock" -v "/home/runner/work/_temp/_github_home":"/github/home" -v "/home/runner/work/_temp/_github_workflow":"/github/workflow" -v "/home/runner/work/_temp/_runner_file_commands":"/github/file_commands" -v "/home/runner/work/BrickSim/BrickSim":"/github/workspace"
2021-05-30T22:30:32.9983710Z 2021-05-30 22:30:32 +0000 - publish - WARNING - Could not find any files for /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports/*.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:33.1633357Z 2021-05-30 22:30:33 +0000 - publish -  INFO - publishing neutral results for commit 8055d01a4630e498e1b0e65a4f675ba8fd3c8f85
2021-05-30T22:30:33.6163529Z 2021-05-30 22:30:33 +0000 - publish -  INFO - creating check
2021-05-30T22:30:34.1129955Z 2021-05-30 22:30:34 +0000 - publish -  INFO - there is no pull request for commit 8055d01a4630e498e1b0e65a4f675ba8fd3c8f85
2021-05-30T22:30:34.1170333Z ##[warning]Could not find any files for /home/runner/work/BrickSim/junitReports/*.xml
2021-05-30T22:30:34.2662983Z Cleaning up orphan processes

Relevant workflow file sections:

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - run: ls -Rl ${{runner.workspace}}

      - name: Publish Unit Test Results
        uses: EnricoMi/publish-unit-test-result-action@v1.13
          files: ${{runner.workspace}}/junitReports/*.xml
          check_name: Catch2 Test Results
          comment_title: Catch2 Test Results

just let me know if you need more info.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

EnricoMicommented, Jun 1, 2021

Great that this was the problem. You are right, I will add this to the README.

bb1950328commented, Jun 1, 2021

Thank you very much for you explanation and for updating my workflow file.
Now it works like it should. I would add a note about this in the configuration section of the README.

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