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Define metadata.yaml schema

See original GitHub issue

Here’s what I’m thinking for the metadata.yaml schema. We can set up CI to validate this schema (potentially with jsonschema?)

Then a README of summary statistics/csv files can be automatically generated (which will allow for easy querying such as this).

hashid: # required, hash id of the dataset
dataset: # required, dataset name
description: # required, dataset description
source: # required, link to the source from where dataset was retrieved
publication: # optional, study that generated the dataset
task: # required, classification or regression
    [column_name]: # can be 'target'
        type:  # required, either continuous, nominal or ordinal
        description: # required, what the column measures/indicates, unit
        code: # optional, coding information, e.g., 'Control' = 0, 'Case' = 1
        transform: # optional, any transformation performed on the column, e.g., log scaled

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  • Created 3 years ago
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lacavacommented, May 14, 2020

@trang1618 maybe you can open new issues about renaming datasets and renaming feature names

trangdatacommented, May 3, 2020

I added first example metadata.yaml file but two things I would like to change:

  • feature names should use _ instead of .
  • similar for dataset name: it would be nice to have red_wine_quality instead of red-wine-quality.

If we were going to make this an example, I think we should make the changes on the dataset first before moving on.

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