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ipv6 support for the web-server

See original GitHub issue

Our internal Docker-based web-service allows to run other web-services only as listening to ipv6. Can you please help me how to achieve this?

I use web/Docker with the minor diff:

CMD ["CodeChecker", "server", "--workspace", "/workspace", "--not-host-only", "--port", "8080", "--verbose", "debug"] I have no ideas for ipv6 except for

-            client_host, client_port = self.client_address
+            client_host, client_port = self.client_address[:2]


     daemon_threads = False
+    address_family = socket.AF_INET6

It helps but Thrift wrapper in JS fails to get the product list:

Uncaught Thrift.TApplicationExceptioncode: 6message: “Bad data encounted in numeric data” codeCheckerDBAccess.js:7166


codeCheckerDBAccess_v6.codeCheckerDBAccessClient.prototype.recv_getRunData = function() {
  var ret = this.input.readMessageBegin();
  var fname = ret.fname;
  var mtype = ret.mtype;
  var rseqid = ret.rseqid;
  if (mtype == Thrift.MessageType.EXCEPTION) {
    var x = new Thrift.TApplicationException();;
    throw x; // <--------------- line 7166

Callstack looks like

codeCheckerDBAccess_v6.codeCheckerDBAccessClient.recv_getRunData (codeCheckerDBAccess.js:7166)
codeCheckerDBAccess_v6.codeCheckerDBAccessClient.getRunData (codeCheckerDBAccess.js:7135)
_populateRuns (ListOfRuns.js:299)
postCreate (ListOfRuns.js:188)
create (_WidgetBase.js:84)
postscript (_WidgetBase.js:50)
(anonymous) (dojo.js:15)
postCreate (ListOfRuns.js:466)
create (_WidgetBase.js:84)
postscript (_WidgetBase.js:50)

I have no ideas what to check next. Can you please advice me?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:12 (12 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

whisperitycommented, May 6, 2020

Yes, the browser issue - it reused the cookies from the previously installed version of the CodeChecker.

@irishrover I do not think it was the cookies, but rather the JavaScript stuff being cached, as per detailed in #2228. Anyways, thanks for the report, with the patch being merged I hope we can officially support a proper IPv6 binding. Until then, yeah, setting the address_family is the crucial part of the hack.

whisperitycommented, May 6, 2020

@Xazax-hun Starting from Python 3.8, simply giving an IPv6 address to the server (--host ::1) would make it listen IPv6.

I’m making a patch for 3.6 and 3.7 (@gyorb said we require 3.6), and there’s a few more nits here and there to make sure everything works as intended.

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