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Allow `brace-style` rule to enforce different styles on different block types

See original GitHub issue

What version of ESLint are you using? v3.1.0

What rule do you want to change? brace-style

I would like to enable different brace handling based on the type of block. For example, different handling for IfStatements vs FunctionDeclaration (and even FunctionExpression).

Ideally you would be able to use individual options to mimic the predefined formats (

  "brace-style": ["error", { "IfStatement": "new-line", "FunctionDeclaration": "new-line", "FunctionExpression": "same-line" }, { "noCuddledElse": true }]

BlocksSupported: FunctionDeclaration FunctionExpression ArrowFunctionExpression IfStatement TryStatement DoWhileStatement WhileStatement WithStatement ForStatement ForInStatement ForOfStatement SwitchStatement

Options: new-line - brace always starts on a new line same-line - brace always starts on same line ignore - rule does not apply

Additional options to support “stroustrup” style: noCuddledElse - else keywords start on own line noCuddledCatchFinally - catch/finally keywords start on own line

What code should be flagged as incorrect with this change?

With this enabled, the following would be an error:

function doSomething() 
  // function body

if (true) {
  // body
} else {


What happens when the rule is applied to this code now?

The brace variations do match the flexibility defined. I feel like i’m fighting with my tooling (VSCode) when using the brace-style rule and would like the possibility of adding additional properties for the rule to better fit within our preferred code formatting and development tooling.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:38 (23 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

platinumazurecommented, Feb 24, 2017

@jrsearles Sorry for losing track of this, but where are we here? Have I missed your PR?

fatcerberuscommented, Mar 12, 2018

I really want to see this implemented too, as the current brace-style implementation is not nearly granular enough. My style is mostly Stroustrup, but for class, function and method declarations I use the Allman style with the braces on their own line. There’s no way to express this to ESLint so I’m currently forced to disable the brace-style rule entirely.

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