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Allow comments after // eslint-disable-line <rule-name>

See original GitHub issue

The version of ESLint you are using. 5.12.1

The problem you want to solve. I’ve just filed an issue against an incorrect (in my opinion) application of a rule. I want to disable that rule in my code, and mention why I’ve done so:

// eslint-disable-line no-unsafe-finally because

Including the URL on the same comment line is handy because I can click it from my IDE and check on the status, then remove the entire comment once the issue is fixed.

Another use case is simply explaining why a rule was removed.

Your take on the correct solution to problem.

eslint should ignore non-rule comments following // eslint-disable-line <rule-name>. demo.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kaicataldocommented, Jul 25, 2019

There is currently an RFC open for this:

Please track the issue there.

JvJefkecommented, Jun 20, 2019


Why is this solution better than having two comments? i.e.

You’re example is not really a real life one. This one is (kinda):

const someFunction() =>
    // Map the otherData to this list by index
    //, idx) => (item._templateMeta = otherData[idx])) // eslint-disable-line [some-rule]

There is more visual correlation between te “real” comment than the eslint comment which makes it just confusing. If you could do something like OP suggests, it isn’t:

const someFunction() =>
    // Map the otherData to this list by index, idx) => (item._templateMeta = otherData[idx])) // eslint-disable-line [some-rule] because

So I do think this solution is better than the workaround you suggested.

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