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[bug] undefined variable `name` does not trigger errors or warnings in JSX.

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I’m not sure which rule is failing, but if I had a component which had prop name and used it in JSX, while refactoring and renaming prop to title, the leftovers of name prop iN JSX slept unnoticed, and caused errors in production, even with typescript.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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ark120202commented, Apr 9, 2020

There is a no-restricted-globals rule for that. create-react-app is maintaining a confusing-browser-globals package, which is a list of globals you usually want to restrict, including name and event.

mdjermanoviccommented, Apr 10, 2020

As I recal, before in some project I had some kind of comment on top of the file which clearly lists all global variables used in the file, so no accident global variable do not snitch unnoticed, but can’t remember how to enable this functionality again.

/* globals $ fetch */

You can set env: { browser: false } (instead of true) in your config and use /* globals ...*/ comments to enable only browser globals you want to use in that file.

Or, as @webOS101 recommended in this comment, enable just window/document and access browser globals only through those, in which case you should also set env: { browser: false }.

Either of these solutions would lead to no-undef rule warnings on the name reference.

A problem with this might be if @typescript-eslint/eslint-recommended config turns no-undef off, in which case the solution with no-restricted-globals as recommended by @ark120202 in this comment looks like the best approach for a typescript project.

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