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Escape characters are handled incorrectly in inline config comments

See original GitHub issue

Tell us about your environment

  • ESLint Version: v4.7.2
  • Node Version: v8.5.0
  • npm Version: Yarn v1.0.2

What parser (default, Babel-ESLint, etc.) are you using? Default

Please show your full configuration:

    id-match: [2, "^(([^$\\W]|\\$[a-f\\d]{2})+|[$_]\\w*|[^\\W\\d]\\w*|[A-Z]([A-Z_]*[A-Z])?)$", {
        properties: true

What did you do? Please include the actual source code causing the issue.

/* eslint id-match: [2, "^(([^$\\W]|\\$[a-f\\d]{2})+|[$_]\\w*|[^\\W\\d]\\w*|[A-Z]([A-Z_]*[A-Z])?)$", {properties: true}] */

function is$2dvoid(value) {
    return value == null

What did you expect to happen? It to pass (as it does without the comment)

What actually happened? Please include the actual, raw output from ESLint.

  3:10  error  Identifier 'is$2dvoid' does not match the pattern '^(([^$\\W]|\\$[a-f\\d]{2})+|[$_]\\w*|[^\\W\\d]\\w*|[A-Z]([A-Z_]*[A-Z])?)$'  id-match

✖ 1 problem (1 error, 0 warnings)

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:16 (13 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

platinumazurecommented, Apr 4, 2020

The levn project has just issued version 0.4.1 which allows quoted string literals to use the same escaping rules as JavaScript itself, so upgrading to latest levn may resolve this issue.

kaicataldocommented, Sep 29, 2019

How do we want to proceed with this? It unfortunately doesn’t look like there has been any movement on the levn issue. It seems like moving away from levn might be the prudent thing to do.

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