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no-console doesn't work to disable all console statements without an empty "allow" parameter on it.

See original GitHub issue

ESlint version: 7.6.0

Expected to work as follows: no-console: "error"

Actually works only when done as follows: "no-console": [ "error", { "allow": [""] // ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ } ],

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  • Created 3 years ago
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mdjermanoviccommented, Feb 18, 2021

@DanBoSlice thanks for the details!

The rule itself seems to be working fine: Online Demo

The behavior you’re seeing is due to how overriding rules’ configuration works.

In your example, one of the configurations you’re extending from, plugin:@angular-eslint/ng-cli-compat, enables no-console rule and configures it to allow .log and other methods here.

"no-console": [
        "allow": [

If you reconfigure the rule in your main config file (derived config) by specifying only severity, ESLint will keep the options from the extended configuration (base config). This behavior is explained in Extending Configuration Files:

change an inherited rule’s severity without changing its options:

  • Base config: “eqeqeq”: [“error”, “allow-null”]
  • Derived config: “eqeqeq”: “warn”
  • Resulting actual config: “eqeqeq”: [“warn”, “allow-null”]

So, in your example, "no-console": "error" has no effect as it overrides just severity but not the options. You can double-check the resulting configuration for a file with the –print-config CLI option.

The solution is to specify options in the main config. "no-console": ["error", {"allow": [""]}] or just "no-console": ["error", {}] should do the work. That would entirely override the configuration for no-console from the extended config.

chrispinzarucommented, Mar 9, 2021

Thank you, now I understand the mistake, thanks for your time

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