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prefer-rest-params warns when using

See original GitHub issue

What version of ESLint are you using? 2

What parser (default, Babel-ESLint, etc.) are you using? babel

Please show your full configuration: It’s really long.

What did you do? Please include the actual source code causing the issue. I wrote the code:

export default function freeMemory () {
  return, new Date(), os.freeMemory())

What did you expect to happen?


What actually happened? Please include the actual, raw output from ESLint.

I got a linter error from prefer-rest-params, because I was using arguments. I don’t believe there’s a way to write what I did without calling arguments.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mysticateacommented, Aug 4, 2016

Yes, this is very similar to #5990. I will make the rule ignoring arguments if it’s to access the properties except numbers. So, #5990 would fix this issue as well.

// ✘
arguments[1]    // ← a property access to a number.
arguments[v]    // ← a property access to a number possibly.
arguments       // ← a use of whole arguments.

// ✔ GOOD
vitorbalcommented, Aug 4, 2016

@mysticatea thanks for the update! In that case, I think we can indeed close this issue in favor of #5990.

@krainboltgreene please follow #5990 for updates on the fix. Thanks for the report and your support!

Closing this, please re-open if anyone disagrees.

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