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Rule suggestion: disallow !a instanceof b

See original GitHub issue

As the existing rule no-negated-in-lhs, it seems like it would be good to also disallow

if (!a instanceof b) // do something

since the developer certainly meant to write

if (!(a instanceof b)) // do something

instead. This prevents errors, and there’s no legitimate case for the former that I can think of, so I think this could be enabled by default as with no-negated-in-lhs. I’ve thrown together a quick copy and paste job of no-negated-in-lhs which works; will attach PR.


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  • Created 8 years ago
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  • Comments:36 (31 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mysticateacommented, Jul 28, 2016

@nzakas I think this is a rule to prevent enough common problem and this is accepted.

Accepted issues are good start points for new contributors, but until now, rule’s deprecation process is not clear; I guess it was a barrier to contributing to this issue. Just now, we are making some rules deprecated. I think we can go to advance this as well. (I can work on this later)

nzakascommented, Nov 30, 2015

For this, we are strictly talking about using ! with in and instanceof, though. I’m not sure it makes sense to extend the rule further than that.

I’m still thinking that no-unsafe-negation is clearest for this use case.

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