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support disabling specific rule fixes

See original GitHub issue

It would be great if there was a way to opt into the checking done by an ESLint rule, but opt out of the fix it provides if someone finds it undesirable. That way we could get the linting benefit and be able to use the fixes from other rules, just not undesirable ones. Maybe it could look something like this:

"some-rule-I-like": ["error", "nofix", {rule-config-goes-here}],

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tonybart1337commented, Jul 7, 2017

another use case is the rule no-debugger. It’s so annoying to type:

debugger; // eslint-disable-line no-debugger

Yes, I can make another config and disable that rule for development, but I want to be notified about it in development, because it’s so common to remove debugger; the second I used it.

not-an-aardvarkcommented, Nov 6, 2016

Thanks for the suggestion. This was also discussed here:

Note that as a workaround, you can disable the rule from the command line when autofixing:

eslint myFile.js --fix --rule 'some-rule-i-like: off'
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