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I have an epoch beind updated on my Hosted Feature Service.

APIdate (type: esriFieldTypeInteger, alias: API date (epoch), SQL Type: sqlTypeOther...

If I apply a simple expression:


It returns the wrong year entirely.


However, if I check this epoch in an online tool, it converts correctly:


Im sure this is an easy one - what am I missing in my expression?

What I really want to achieve, is how many minutes since last update.

Something like this? DateDiff((Date($feature.APIdate)), Now(), minutes)

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ekenescommented, Nov 13, 2018

DateDiff(Now(), Date($feature.APIdate * 1000), minutes) returns an error because the value of the third parameter must be a string. You’re passing minutes instead of 'minutes', so it treats minutes like an undeclared variable.

Try the following and it should work: DateDiff(Now(), Date($feature.APIdate * 1000), 'minutes')

ekenescommented, Nov 9, 2018

This looks like a difference between the meaning of “epoch” in UNIX versus JavaScript. What you’re looking for is:

Date($feature.APIdate * 1000)

I tested with your example and it appears to work. You’ll notice the behavior is the same in JavaScript as it is in Arcade.

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