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Set hierarchy level

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Hello everyone! I’m using this tool in order to create an OSM network dataset adn then use it to generate GTFS shapes. I’m following the docs so, I loaded the osm file from Manchester adding this osm tag: highway=all. Once done it, I used Create OSM Network Dataset tool, loading the new created OSM Feature Datase and the network configuration sample files (DriveGeneric.xml). The resultant network dataset looked promising.


However, when I run the Generate GTFS Shapes tool, where I need to use the osm network and the manchester gtfs, it gave me the following warning:

Unable to create on-street Routes because the Solve failed. Solve warning messages: Cannot use hierarchy when the hierarchy level count is zero.

And the resulting shapes don’t match the osm network:


I’ve checked the network configuration sample file that I used for create the osm network dataset and it seems that the hierarchy settings are well written

<!-- Heirarchy --> <network_attribute> <name>Hierachy</name> <default_value>0</default_value> <hierachy useAsDefault="false"> <evaluator_attributes> <source>roads</source> <direction>From-To</direction> <Field script_type="VBScript"> <expression>h_level</expression> <pre_logic> <![CDATA[ h_level = 4 Select Case LCase([highway]) Case "motorway", "motorway_link" h_level = 1 Case "trunk", "trunk_link" h_level = 2 Case "primary", "primary_link" h_level = 3 Case "secondary", "secondary_link" h_level = 4 Case "tertiary", "tertiary_link", "living_street", "residential" h_level = 5 End Select ]]> </pre_logic> </Field> </evaluator_attributes> <evaluator_attributes> <source>roads</source> <direction>To-From</direction> <Field script_type="VBScript"> <expression>h_level</expression> <pre_logic> <![CDATA[ h_level = 4 Select Case LCase([highway]) Case "motorway", "motorway_link" h_level = 1 Case "trunk", "trunk_link" h_level = 2 Case "primary", "primary_link" h_level = 3 Case "secondary", "secondary_link" h_level = 4 Case "tertiary", "tertiary_link", "living_street", "residential" h_level = 5 End Select ]]> </pre_logic> </Field> </evaluator_attributes> </hierachy>

Anyone can help me with this issue? Thank you so much in advance.

(I’m runing ArcMap 10.4 in an Intel® Core™ i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2904 Mhz, 2)

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  • Created 6 years ago
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mboeringacommented, Oct 27, 2017
proma90commented, Nov 15, 2017

I have found a solution. I uninstalled and installed again the tools so when I use it, it doesn’t give me any issue (even thought it is not 100% accurate). The problem reappears if I use the same osm network…creating each time a new one, the hierarchy issue dissapear. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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