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proj4 is not defined in TiledMapLayer

See original GitHub issue
  • Browser and version: Any browser you like
  • Version of Leaflet (L.version): 1.2.0
  • Version of esri Leaflet (L.esri.VERSION): 2.1.1
  • Steps to reproduce the error:
  1. Use Leaflet and esri-leaflet together with proj4leaflet
  2. proj4leaflet has a dependency of proj4
  3. Import proj4leaflet AMD style without importing proj4 manually anywhere else since proj4leaflet will pick it up from dependencies and will work fine

What happens is that when doing this I will get an error on this line saying Uncaught ReferenceError: proj4 is not defined.

I was expecting for this to work fine, since only the proj4leaflet library is dependant on proj4 and esri-leaflet is not.

It is quite hard to replicate this problem using jsbin, since I use npm and package.json and webpack.

  • Optional: I’m not using the CDN, I’m loading/bundling the library using: Webpack

Adding this as a workaround helps to get it work and no errors are shown, but I think that should not be required for esri-leaflet to work without issues.

import * as proj4 from 'proj4';
window['proj4'] = proj4;

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jgravoiscommented, Oct 26, 2017

thanks for the report. i’ll have to think about how we might make this check more friendly for bundlers.

luckily the issue is pretty benign (ie: we’re just logging an irrelevant error in the console in some situations where proj4 is available).

advanceditscommented, Feb 8, 2018

Yeap, you are right, we did use dynamicMapLayer and had issues…not sure if it was performance I have notified the data provider, thank you.

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