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about dijit/Measurement

See original GitHub issue

when i use this dijit ,i lost the CSS,how to resolve this problem?thanks

componentWillMount(){ loadCss(‘http://localhost/arcgis_js_api/library/3.29/esri/themes/calcite/dijit/calcite.css’); loadCss(‘http://localhost/arcgis_js_api/library/3.29/esri/themes/calcite/esri/esri.css’);//themes/calcite/esri/esri.css // desbugger // loadCss(‘3.29’) }

    var _this = this;
    var map = _this.props.mapControl;      


    ],  {url : `${BASICCONFIG.GISAPI}/dojo/dojo.js`}).then(([
        dom, Color, keys, parser,
        esriConfig, has, Map, SnappingManager, Measurement, FeatureLayer, SimpleRenderer,
         GeometryService, SimpleLineSymbol, SimpleFillSymbol
        if (_this.mapClickEvent) {
            _this.mapClickEvent = null;
        if (_this.props.mapControl.tb) {
            _this.props.mapControl.tb = null;

        //This service is for development and testing purposes only. We recommend that you create your own geometry service for use within your applications
        esriConfig.defaults.geometryService = new GeometryService("http://localhost/arcgis/rest/services/Utilities/Geometry/GeometryServer");

        var measurement = new Measurement({
        map: map
        }, dom.byId("measurementDiv"));

render() { return ( <div> <div className="mapTool" onClick={this.measureLength}> 测距 </div> <div id="measurementDiv"></div> </div>
) }

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

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tomwaysoncommented, Oct 22, 2019

What CSS files do you see loaded in the network traffic?

waiwaiTaDadycommented, Dec 20, 2019

oh,thanks for attention about this.I did not find any good method to solve this problem,so…i take the most primitive method—using a Css cover the Measurement Css of ArcgisAPI (‘Copy’ the style).em…you have some good solution?

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