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Suggestion - Module Loader for non-UMD style usage of ESRI classes & objects

See original GitHub issue

Built and use this in a production app on top of esri-loader to easily access parts of the API.

Instead of always having to

esriLoader.loadModules(['esri/views/MapView', 'esri/WebMap'])
.then(([MapView, WebMap]) => {
  let web_map = new WebMap({ ... });

now you can

await esri.loadModules([

let map_view = new MapView({
  map: map,
  spatialReference: 102100

I use it a lot and usually wrap calls in promises etc. to know when a object is then ready.

It doesn’t re-download if something is already loaded in and auto assigns names to the classes (so esri/views/MapView is MapView) rather than the long winded UMD style method which means you need to keep them in order.

This is also makes it super easy to only request a module when you need it inline with your code

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  • Created 5 years ago
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andygupcommented, Jul 17, 2018
davidpiessecommented, Jul 17, 2018

Fair enough. I’ll close this then 😅 One of my main reasons for this method was I preferred opinionated code in this context and having to organise and remember the order of declarations was a pain.

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