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OGCGeometry#convexHull returns incorrect results for points on a single line

See original GitHub issue

I’m seeing convexHull method returning incorrect results for some inputs:

  • fails if input geometry is empty, but I expect to get empty geometry back
  • returns empty geometry if input is a single point, but I expect to get the original point back
  • returns corrupt geometry if all points are on the same line, but I expect to get a LINESTRING geometry back
  • fails if input is a geometry collection where some of the geometries are empty

For MULTIPOINT (1 1, 2 2) input, the output is corrupt:

com.esri.core.geometry.GeometryException: corrupted geometry

	at com.esri.core.geometry.OperatorExportToWktLocal.exportPolygonToWkt(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.OperatorExportToWktLocal.exportToWkt(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.OperatorExportToWktLocal.execute(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.GeometryEngine.geometryToWkt(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.ogc.OGCMultiPolygon.asText(

Here is the error for empty geometry.

com.esri.core.geometry.GeometryException: This operation should not be performed on an empty geometry.

	at com.esri.core.geometry.Point.getXY(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.ConvexHull.addPoint_(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.ConvexHull.addGeometry(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.OperatorConvexHullCursor.calculateConvexHullMerging_(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.ogc.OGCGeometry.createFromEsriCursor(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.ogc.OGCGeometry.createFromEsriCursor(
	at com.esri.core.geometry.ogc.OGCGeometry.convexHull(

CC: @tpeng-fb

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:10 (10 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

randallwhitmancommented, May 14, 2018

Need to merge the branch for this before releasing. Also, rather than a 2.1.1 I’d release 2.2.0 with Centroid and this one.

stolstovcommented, May 11, 2018

@mbasmanova Yes, sure. Do you have more bugs to find 😃? @randallwhitman Would need to do a minor release.

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