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Angular 11 --prod build of `@arcgis/core` application fails to render `Legend` in an `Expand` and `FeatureLayer` symbology

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I am reporting an issue with

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I’m using @arcgis/core 4.18.1 Beta in an Angular 11 application. It’s a simple application that I’m trying to use as the basis for a blog post about integrating ng components into the DefaultUI.

When using the development server (ng serve) or a “non-prod” build (ng build), the application works as expected. When adding the --prod flag to the ng build command, the feature layer renders, but the Legend widget fails and the symbology is not as-defined on the layer.


Here’s a repository that can be used to replicate the issue:

The issue is present in both branches. To test the builds, I’m using the lite-server from npm.

npm install -g lite-server

To see how the application should look and function, run the following:

ng build
lite-server --baseDir dist/ngx-widget


To replicate the issue, run

ng build --prod
lite-server --baseDir dist/ngx-widget

The build runs fine, but the served output is not as expected:


There are some warnings present in the console: image

Secondary Issue

I’m not sure if ya’ll intend to support this, but I also tried to build this application in a stackblitz. The blitz is a bit slow to compile, but when it does, the map does not render.

Aside from this, the ESM build has been a joy to work with. Exciting times for Esri JS devs!

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

andygupcommented, Jan 25, 2021

Thanks for reporting @vitale232! We are investigating a number of issues related to Angular production builds and the information you have provided is very helpful.

I’ll also take a look at stackblitz, not sure what’s going on there.

andygupcommented, Feb 3, 2021

do you expect the bundle size to come down as the ESM build matures, or is it more of a WYSIWG proposition for now

We’ll continue to optimize while at the same time we are adding new functionality. It’s a balance of both.

FYI, we’re hoping to have the build error issue resolved at 4.19 (April). Since this is a known problem that we are actively working on. I’ll go ahead and close this issue. Thanks again for reporting!

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