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Feature Request: Allow MAX_NR_CHARACTERS to be set in MULITSESSION_MODE 0 and 1

See original GitHub issue

Brief summary of issue / Description of requested feature:

It would be nice if we could set the max number of characters under MM 0 and 1.

Steps to reproduce the issue / Reasons for adding feature:

This seems to be a common request, and currently we force MAX_NR_CHARACTERS to 1 under both MM 0 and 1.

Error output / Expected result of feature

Allow multiple characters, but one session at a time.

Extra information, such as Evennia revision/repo/branch, operating system and ideas for how to solve / implement:

This shouldn’t be too hard - I guess make the character select show up if one has set MAX_NR_CHARACTERS greater than 1?

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:7 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

BlauFeuercommented, Jan 8, 2018

Yes @chainsol , it should be a per-game or per-account thing and if the framework allows it, I’d set up an account setting for the users to decide.

But due to the previous default behavior, I know it would just confuse some people to suddenly be given a menu, because they’re used to landing inside their character on login, then using @ic <other character> to switch, because we’re manually making multiple characters for those who request it, despite the lower MULTISESSION_MODE.

That is to say that I like the current default behavior regarding character login menu, but if it was mandated by settings or easily modified, then when it changes, I’ll know what to do. Otherwise I completely agree with you on defaulting, but not restricting MAX_NR_CHARACTERS to 1 in any mode.

I suppose my position is easily summed up in just saying that regardless of MULTISESSION_MODE or MAX_NR_CHARACTERS, if the account only has one character, puppet that one on login. If the account has more, then allow choosing of the default behavior by testing a setting, which then can be configured or modified per-game or per-account.

Griatchcommented, Sep 30, 2018

Implemented in Evennia 0.8.

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