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What sets the command line arguments in Properties/Debug/Start options?

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I’m trying to remove the command line arguments in Properties/Debug/Start options but each time I delete it, when the project rebuilds it’s re-assigned. What setting affects this and how do I keep it blank?


I’ve tried editing the ExcelDna.Build.props file by commenting out the following lines but these don’t appear to affect it

<!--<RunExcelDnaSetDebuggerOptions Condition="'$(RunExcelDnaSetDebuggerOptions)' == ''">true</RunExcelDnaSetDebuggerOptions>-->
<!--<ExcelDnaExcelExePath Condition="'$(ExcelDnaExcelExePath)' == ''"></ExcelDnaExcelExePath>-->
<!--<ExcelDnaAddInForDebugging Condition="'$(ExcelDnaAddInForDebugging)' == ''"></ExcelDnaAddInForDebugging>-->

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  • Created 3 years ago
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cirrusonecommented, Aug 20, 2020

Thanks, that’s working.

I’m testing with both 32bit and 64bit Excel on the same PC so the command line arguments sometimes get in the way depending on what I’m testing.

augustoproietecommented, Mar 18, 2021

@PhilippeRaemy Thanks. FYI in the next version of Excel-DNA opening a new Excel instance will be the default behavior (i.e. the /x will be added for you automatically). See

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