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Error when read xls file

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when use release 3.0.0-develop00086 and 3.0.0, read xls file throw system.invalidoperationexception “The excel file may be corrupt or truncated. We’ve read past the end of the file.”, but ExcelDataReader 3.0.0-develop00019 is ok. stacktrace : 在 ExcelDataReader.Core.BinaryFormat.XlsDocument.ReadSectorTable(BinaryReader reader, List`1 chain) 在 ExcelDataReader.Core.BinaryFormat.XlsDocument…ctor(Stream stream) 在 ExcelDataReader.Core.BinaryFormat.XlsWorkbook.ReadCompoundDocument(Stream stream) 在 ExcelDataReader.Core.BinaryFormat.XlsWorkbook…ctor(Stream stream, Encoding fallbackEncoding) 在 ExcelDataReader.ExcelBinaryReader…ctor(Stream stream, ExcelReaderConfiguration configuration) 在 ExcelDataReader.ExcelReaderFactory.CreateBinaryReader(Stream fileStream, ExcelReaderConfiguration configuration)

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  • Created 6 years ago
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andersnmcommented, Jul 17, 2017

It’s fixed in develop, but haven’t added test data yet.

The bug looks to trigger with any XLS above ~15 megabytes. The big test file in the repo “GitIssue_184_FATSectors.xls” looks to be just below the threshold to trigger the bug. 😦

Each DIFAT entry describes 128 data sectors/entries at 512 bytes. There are 109 DIFAT entries in the header, plus optional DIFAT sectors elsewhere in the file. Each DIFAT sector contains 127 entries plus a link to the next DIFAT sector. There has to be at least one full DIFAT sector for the bug to happen. Thus, ((109 + 127) DIFAT entries *128 data sectors) * 512 bytes ~= 15 megabytes.

merlinyygcommented, Jul 21, 2017

@andersnm build 3.1.0 101 is working well for me. Thanks!

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