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Possible to validate array of objects?

See original GitHub issue

Say I’ve got an array of rooms, each room requires a room-number, nr of adults, nr of childs. It it currently possible to use dot-syntax to validate for rooms inside array?

req.checkBody(rooms.roomNumber).isEmpty() doesn’t seem to work, which I understand because it probably checks for property roomNumber on the array-object itself. Is there any way to do it instead?

I’m ok with iterating the separate rooms in a loop and checking, but I can’t use req.checkBody for that I belive. I’d need something like validator.checkParam(room).

Any suggestions?

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  • Created 8 years ago
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Jakeiicommented, Apr 9, 2015

You could combine a custom validator with validator.js.

expressValidator = require('express-validator');
validator = require('validator');

 customValidators: {
    eachIsEmpty: function(values, prop) {
      return values.every(function(val) {
         return validator.isEmpty(val.prop);

You could probably improve on this to add an array version for each method programmatically.

bryanCoteChangcommented, Aug 21, 2017

Hi! I had a similar problem writing a generic validator for all routes. This seems to be working so far, but please let me know if I’m leaving a gaping hole somewhere:

var escape = require('escape-html');

function validate(input) {
  if (Array.isArray(input)) {
  const inputType = typeof input;
  if (inputType === 'string') {
    return escape(input);
  } else if (inputType !== 'object' || !input) {
    return input;

  var output = {};
  Object.keys(input).forEach((key) => {
    output[key] = validate(input[key]);
  return output;

module.exports = {
  validate: validate,
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