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[Bug] "eg credentials create" hangs

See original GitHub issue

While following the Getting Started guide, at Part 3, Step 2, the following command hangs:

eg credentials create -c bob -t key-auth -q

It produces no output and never returns to the command prompt. Removing the -q option still produces no output (and still hangs).

This is a fresh installation of express-gateway (installed via npm install -g express-gateway as instructed) and using the app generated by eg gateway create. The gateway is running, and previous steps in the guide work properly (that is, the gateway is properly forwarding requests to httpbin). The gateway.config.yml file has been updated as directed (uncommenting the - key-auth: line) and the gateway restarted automatically when the change was saved.

Note that adding and listing users appears to work normally. Only creating credentials seems to cause problems. Also noteworthy is that the credentials do appear to get created in Redis; they just never get printed to the console and eg never exits. [ctrl]-[c] works to kill the process, but then I need to look up the new credentials manually. That’s going to get burdensome as I add more credentials for my current project.

Platform: Windows 10 Pro, build 17134.648, 64-bit. Node v11.11.0, npm 6.8.0. Redis 3.0.503 64-bit. All components are fresh installs, running natively (no docker or VM chicanery).

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  • Created 4 years ago
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bshea5commented, Mar 16, 2020

I’m running into the same issue described above, on both node12 and 13 on Windows 10. Can this bug be re-opened?


XVincentXcommented, Jun 22, 2019

This does not appear to be an issue anymore in node12 — and it seems to be confirmed by our tests in Azure pipelines. Please reopen in case you’re still experiencing it.

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