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When setting up a graph db in Cosmos you have to specify a partition key, and according to this post:

Using a partitioned graph in Azure Cosmos DB

you should then specify the partition key in all your queries, by adding:

.has('partitionKey', 'partitionKey_value')

Is there a way in Gremlinq to setup a partition key, or is it up to myself, to addd .has(‘partitionKey’, ‘partitionKey_value’) to my queries?

TIA Søren

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anhericommented, Jan 18, 2023

so how do you get all vertices on a partitionKey? I would expect to do something like this g.V<Vertex>(new CosmosDbKey(“US”)) (US = if your partition your data on country codes)

But the CosmosDbKey only supports id,partitionKeyValue, which will always return 1 element

danielcwebercommented, Mar 14, 2022

This will work when instances of the CosmosDbKey-struct are passed into V(…).

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