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Mercury Trade changes my keyboard functionality with regard to special characters

See original GitHub issue

First of all, thanks for making such an awesome tool. I wouldn’t want to trade without it anymore. Also, I am not sure whether this issue was already happening with older versions. I certainly don’t remember it being a problem.

To my issue at hand:

Yesterday, I suddenly started having problems with typing special characters (', ", `, é, ë, è, etc.) and spent a few hours in frustration trying to fix it. As it turns out, Mercury Trade is/seems to be causing it. On my keyboard (using input language Dutch (Netherlands) - United States-International) special characters usually work as follows: when you first press the button for an apostrophe, for instance, nothing happens. Then you can press either the space bar for the apostrophe to show up, or press a vowel key to type letters such as à, ö, é.

Now, when I open MercuryTrade.jar (latest version), the functionality completely changes. The only way for me to type an apostrophe is by double pressing the key, after which two apostrophes show up and I then have to delete one. Typing letters such as é and ö becomes entirely impossible when the program is active. As soon as I close the program, everything immediately works as it should again.

While I have no idea what could be causing this, or even whether this is a result of Mercury in particular as opposed to Java in general, I wanted to bring it to your attention nonetheless. Now that I know that my keyboard settings aren’t changing themselves through some type of dark magic, it’s a minor annoyance at best, but still!

Is this intended behavior? Is it related to Overseer perhaps?

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Exslimscommented, Aug 12, 2017

in next update mercury will use another library for keyboard hook and hope it will help to solve this problem.

jeffaresecommented, Aug 13, 2017

Yep, it solved it for me 😄 👍

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