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Ensure all component fields can be changed at runtime and can be set via UnityEvents

See original GitHub issue

Because a public field cannot be set by a UnityEvent this means that components cannot use public fields for data input otherwise they require scripts to set field data.

A property can be set by a UnityEvent by anything that extends from UnityEngine.Object can’t be set to null via a property unity event.

This means any field that wants a value to be updatable and also potentially requires any configuration to run when the value is changed needs to be backed by the following pattern

#region MyType
[Tooltip("Documentation here"), SerializeField]
private Type myType;
/// <summary>
/// Documentation here
/// </summary>
public virtual Type MyType
  get { return myType;}
    myType = value;
    ....Any extra setup
/// <summary>
/// Clears MyType
/// </summary>
public virtual void ClearMyType()
  MyType = null;  

This will allow a private field to store the data, a public Property to allow setting via a UnityEvent and a method for setting the field to null

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:7 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

thestonefoxcommented, Nov 13, 2018

I propose rather than one big commit, many smaller commits that focus on each namespace/prefab at a time

bddckrcommented, Mar 23, 2019

Yes! This is resolved by a big mixture of Malimbe features, using Malimbe here in Zinnia and making some previously nested types MonoBehaviours. All done!

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