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Unable to check if the GSLB pool member "exists" using SDK and get the member configuration using "load"

See original GitHub issue

I am trying to check if the pool member exists in a GSLB pool using SDK.

I have created a GSLB pool with name - “gslb_pool” and have added and added LTM server with name and can see that all the vip’s in the LTM are being discovered.

url to make actual get call is -

By using the subPath option, I was able to provide all the details which SDK can use to construct the actual url but it misses to add the tilda sign (~) and also avoids me to add a tilda sign (~) in the subPath.

command used:
gslbpool.members_s.member.exists(name='createdwetwo',partition="Common", subPath="sanjoseltm:Common")

URL constructed:

Since we cannot use special characters in the subPath, the above method makes a service call to

~Common~sanjoseltm:Common~createdwetwo instead of

Thus, there is no way we can use exists or load method for checking or getting the member details of a GSLB pool.

After debugging and going through the BIG IP f5-dns SDK, this is the only way to check weather the pool member exists:

workaround 1: Step 1. Get the collection using below code:

   gslbpool ="gslb_pool",partition="Common")

Step 2. Iterate through the gslb pool collection and check whether it exists. Pass the path in the suffix while using exists or loads:

workaround 2: Instead of using the above steps other way to check is to pass the path of the member and pass it as suffix as below:

if gslbpool.members_s.member.exists(suffix="**/~Common~sanjoseltm:~Common~createdwetwo**", name=""):

I believe this is a bug and needs to be fixed so that developers can use the SDK for GSLB functions as well. Please let me know if I have missed something and there are other ways to do this.

In short:

With current version of SDK, we are not able to use “exists”, “load” methods to check if the GSLB pool member exists and get the configuration of a pool member.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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manojk011commented, Mar 18, 2019

can you put your code specifics in a code block? Some stuff is being rendered incorrectly, making it difficult to figure out what your problem is @manojk011

manojk011commented, Apr 2, 2019

Thank you Jason. I will test it out.

Regards Manoj

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 5:20 PM Jason Rahm wrote:

@manojk011, I released 1.3.12 of the icontrol library, so if you upgrade that sdk dependency, you can now use transform_subpath=True and exists should work for you.

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