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Support for alternate mappings systems

See original GitHub issue

This has to be talked about sometime, so I’m gonna make an issue. We need some way to choose what mappings a project will use in development and production. Currently, we just have a mappings dependency, but that only works with Yarns from the official Fabric maven. It doesn’t have support for MCP, NMS (though why would you ever use that), or Mojang official mappings (which I’m gonna refer to as mojmap until someone gives me a better name), or Yarn forks. Since Mojmaps aren’t coming out for anything below 1.14.4, we should definitely think about what to do to support older versions of Minecraft, along with anyone using alternative mappings for any other reason.

There are currently three formats mappings come in:

  • Mojmap .txt files from the launcher metadata
  • Yarn .tiny sets from a maven
  • MCP .csv files from mcpbot

How best can we deal with supporting each of these?

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modmuss50commented, Sep 8, 2019

Im burnt out on this, its a lot of work for little to no gain. Mainly due to it being unclear if you can even use Mojangs names in your code.

Im gonna leave this open for someone else to look at, sorry for failing.

modmuss50commented, Jul 17, 2021

This is now possible.

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