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[Documentation] --use-npm & --scripts-version

See original GitHub issue
  • I have checked the issues & could’t find the mentioned below.

There should be mention of the following;

  • --use-npm in the documentation, if someone want’s to opt out of yarn to use npm instead.
  • How to use --scripts-version when over-riding with your own custom react-scripts.

npx create-react-app --scripts-version CUSTOM_SCRIPT_PATH my-project-name --use-npm

I am more than happy to make a PR for this. (I would need some guideance though 😃)

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  • Created 4 years ago
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adeelibrcommented, Jul 11, 2019

@mrmckeb I made an initial poor draft on --use-scripts flag & wrote it here Can you kindly give me some direction here =)

mrmckebcommented, Jun 23, 2019

Hello @adeelibr. We don’t support .template.dependencies.json officially, but the other methods are supported - but not documented.

I think we need to document scripts-version at some point, but we need to do it carefully as that feature is not for beginners.

I’d be happy to accept a PR for the first two (excluding template dependencies for now) if you’d like to raise one. I can work on it with you 😃

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