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Global .scss declarations (variables etc...) without ejecting

See original GitHub issue

Is your proposal related to a problem?

Yes, currentlly it isn’t possible to globally load .scss files without needing them to be imported in every .scss files.

This issue is merely a duplicate of #5920 and the corresponding comment

Describe the solution you’d like

Vue solves it by allowing the user to intercept the config-chain and prepending sass content into every .scss file like that (Snipped from vue.config.js):

css: {
    loaderOptions: {
        sass: {
            // Global scss
            prependData: '@import "@/scss/_main.scss";'

... more config stuff

It’s now possible to use the prependData option for css-loader to allow this (I guess this wasn’t possible back then - but now it is). Though I’m not sure how to realize that via create-react-app-2 (I’m new to react)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The only alternative is to import your “global” .scss file every time.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Arkellyscommented, Mar 16, 2021

Bumping this. Also now it’s additionalData that should be used instead of prependData.

Arkellyscommented, Nov 3, 2019

You can also use react-app-rewired or its alternatives to edit the config and add prependData without ejecting.

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