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Include react renderToString ouput in static html

See original GitHub issue

Currently CRA renders SPA formatted apps, with an empty div in the html which gets populated when react boots on the client. For performance (and accessibility) reasons it would be a better default if we could serve useful html. While there would be apps who would do everything in lifecycle methods and hence have no benefit of the statically rendered app markup, I believe most apps would benefit from it.

We could do this by using react-dom/server.renderToString, calling it with the main App.js component, then inlining the result in the html during the build.

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gaearoncommented, Nov 20, 2016

Thanks for the suggestion. This would be very hard to implement right, and we won’t try.

React enforces that if checksum between HTML on the server and HTML on the client doesn’t match, React throws away all the DOM and replaces it. Which can produce observable side effects like deleting user’s input when DOM is replaced.

This is why if you want this feature, you really want full server rendering. And we don’t try to support it in Create React App. So this is out of scope as far as I can see.

kireerikcommented, Jun 11, 2017

Hi all, I can highly recommend Razzle along with my Razzle Material UI Styled Example for those who need Server Side Rendering right now and the easy way.

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