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Object.assign et al are not polyfilled

See original GitHub issue

Hi all,

Thanks for your wonderful work on this.

When testing a React app using create-react-app on a old version of mobile Safari I noticed that Object.assign was failing.

I looked and saw that polyfill support is turned off on the configuration of babel-plugin-transform-runtime

I worked around this by, for the moment, slightly inefficiently manually adding babel-polyfill and using the more “traditional” import 'babel-polyfill'; at the root of the application to include core-js polyfills.

Seems that if the goal is zero configuration setup this is going to be a gotcha for more than a few folks. Unsure if the best approach is to simply turn on the polyfill in babel-plugin-transform-runtime as the documentation seems to suggest this is not the intent of this transformation to supplement native methods like Object.assign.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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dcp12345678commented, Aug 30, 2017

I get exactly the same problem as mnemanja.

Version Info: C:\src\sandbox\react\my-app>create-react-app --version 1.4.0

mnemanjacommented, Aug 30, 2017

Hi @gaearon, I’m at the script version 1.0.12 and IE11 reports this as a problem. Am I missing some implementation detail? Do I need to import it manually or something like that?


Cheers, Nemanja

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