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Odd absence of syntax error detection in console w/ firebase-3-react

See original GitHub issue

TLDR: adding firebase-3-react breaks the browser with a SyntaxError but the build console doesn’t detect it:


> create-react-app test-fb-react
> cd test-fb-react
> npm install --save firebase-3-react

then add the following line to src/App.js:

import { init } from "firebase-3-react";


> npm start

Result is the console shows nothing particularly wrong:

Compiled with warnings.

Warning in ./src/App.js

  4:10  warning  'init' is defined but never used  no-unused-vars

✖ 1 problem (0 errors, 1 warning)

You may use special comments to disable some warnings.
Use // eslint-disable-next-line to ignore the next line.
Use /* eslint-disable */ to ignore all warnings in a file.

~/src/test-fb-react 1m 50s

but the browser (Chrome, OSX, 52.0.2743.116) shows:

screenshot 2016-08-15 10 35 13

and the app is broken.

This module (firebase-3-react) is written in Typescript, which is the only thing that seems unusual about it.

/cc @peterellisjones who may have ideas, as it’s his module.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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peterellisjonescommented, Aug 15, 2016

Hi @davidascher, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

As @insin mentioned I was previously transpiling the Typescript source to ES6 module (doh!). I’ve updated the code to now target es3 using commonjs and have added tests to check that both require and import syntax work.

Thanks for the STR, I’ve confirmed it no longer produces compilation warnings or errors in the browser console.

firebase-3-react@1.0.20 has the new changes, please let me know if you continue to have any issues.



gaearoncommented, Aug 16, 2016

@peterellisjones Thanks for very quick fix.

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