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Pin babel-preset-react-app to a minor core-js version as per core-js readme

See original GitHub issue

Is your proposal related to a problem?

I’ve been trying to polyfill Promise.allSettled for Edge by using react-app-polyfill/stable but failing. My expectation was that it should work since react-app-polyfill@1.0.6 depends on core-js@3.6.4 and Promise.allSettled was moved into core-js/stable on v3.2.0.

I’ve dug a bit deeper to find that babel-preset-react-app has corejs set to major version 3 (

Looking at the core-js readme I see this:

Warning! Recommended to specify used minor core-js version, like corejs: ‘3.6’, instead of corejs: 3, since with corejs: 3 will not be injected modules which were added in minor core-js releases.

Locally I’ve set corejs in babel-preset-react-app to 3.2 (just a proof this is the issue) and I can see Promise.allSettled is now polyfilled correctly.

It’s not clear to me why babel-preset-react-app does not follow the advice of core-js and pin to a minor version?

Describe the solution you’d like

Update babel-preset-react-app to pin to a minor version of corejs in it’s configuration.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Eject and manage babel-preset-env myself but I’m very reluctant to go down this route.

I look forward to being told why things aren’t as simple as changing babel-preset-react-app configuration 😃

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

xprommercommented, Jan 9, 2022

The similar issue, babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs3 removes my side-effect import because of babel-preset-react-app provides old version of core-js and there is no way to specify a correct version at least 3.17. So I just wanted to use the latest stable ES with nice stuff like, Object.hasOwn and so on and importing it like a polyfill import "core-js/es/array/at"; with only side effect does not work 😦 The sole solution I’ve found so far is to use export * from "core-js/es/array/at"; instead of side effect import, but I don’t like it. It would be much better to add an option for corejs version, or at least update it to the latest 3.20

Mrmancommented, Apr 16, 2020

I had the same problem four months ago.

At that time, I solved it by importing the specific polyfill instead of just corejs

import 'core-js/modules/esnext.string.match-all';

Thanks @pakaponk, I’m doing the same as you as a workaround in my project knowing the CRA is specifically targetting v3 of core-js.

This issue is really to explore what’s stopping CRA from targetting a more recent version of core-js. core-js@3.0.0 was released over a year ago now (19 Mar 2019).

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