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Question: Configuring ES version that Babel outputs

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I was wondering how to configure Babel in the non-ejected package.json to work with older browsers? I’m seeing compatibility issues with CasperJS with a PhantomJS backend and also IE 11. Also I have been looking at the ejected webpack configuration files, is there somewhere within these files I should look to configure the output JavaScript version?

I’m somewhat new to a lot of the JavaScript build tools, so general advice would be helpful. I’d like to be able to use the react-scripts without ejecting as much as possible.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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Jorjoncommented, Aug 17, 2018

One easy way to deal with this, is to polyfill everything if they run an old browser. Add this line inside your <head>:

<script nomodule src="" integrity="sha256-WRc/eG3R84AverJv0zmqxAmdwQxstUpqkiE+avJ3WSo=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Sure, it will be slower for old browsers, but as I said, this is super easy to do and has no impact on modern browsers, since the nomodule attribute makes the modern browser to skip that script.

gaearoncommented, Feb 21, 2017

This code shouldn’t need Symbols, no. This is object spread ({...stuff}), not array spread ([...stuff]). Please raise an issue with React Bootstrap.

To add a Symbol polyfill alone, you can do:

import 'core-js/es6/symbol';

assuming you ran npm i --save core-js before.

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