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Slim Dependencies

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Based on a previous discussion. This is a short list of some of what can be done to reduce some of the larger items that increase the overall size of react-scripts. Excluded are smaller, opinionated, or rejected fixes.

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mhartcommented, Mar 14, 2017

You can take a high-level view here:

jest, webpack, autoprefixer and eslint are the four largest contributors.

autoprefixer largely due to the ever increasing caniuse-db: (is autoprefixer really a must-have?)

jest mostly due to jest-cli mostly due to jsdom stuff and istanbul-api:

… and they all include a whole bunch of babel libs – of which core-js makes up a large part:

wtgtybhertgeghgtwtgcommented, Feb 21, 2017

jest@19.0.0 has been released, which contains the node-notifier bump. It’s also about a megabyte smaller.

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