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Source Maps in node_modules package

See original GitHub issue

I haven’t had much luck being able to debug/set breakpoints in source compiled with create-scripts and thought my use case may be somewhat unique, so I wanted to ask it here. If it’s something I should take up with VSCode, I will, but I needed to start somewhere.

My setup is VS Code with an app created by create-react-app. I can debug it just fine, and I hit my breakpoints, as expected, so source maps are indeed working. However, I recently moved some of our components out into its own libraries, so they can be published separately and used by multiple apps. So, now they look like (I’ve simplified the example):



Now, I can only set breakpoints in lib/componentA.js instead of src/componentA.js (pre-compiled source). Is this something that I should be able to get working?

Any direction would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Edit: perhaps it’s related to ?

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JordanPawlettcommented, Feb 12, 2021

On going for over a year now. Has anyone got any interest in fixing support for source-map from imported modules? My dev team and I use a private npm registry to split separation of concern into many packages, and i’m positive many many others do too! I imagine this issue has led to many people moving away from CRA.

justingrantcommented, Dec 16, 2019

Also, if you’re looking for a workaround in the meantime, I use customize-cra to inject source-map-loader into my CRA config. Below is a simplified version of the config-overrides.js file that I’ve been using for the last few months.

const { override, useEslintRc, addWebpackModuleRule, addWebpackPlugin } = require('customize-cra');
const { produce } = require('immer');

const updateWebpackModuleRules = config => {
  const rules = config.module.rules;
  if (rules.length !== 3) {
    throw new Error('Unexpected CRA config. Exiting.');

  const newConfig = produce(config, cfg => {
    const sourceMapLoader = {
      enforce: 'pre',
      exclude: /@babel(?:\/|\\{1,2})runtime/,
      test: /\.(js|mjs|jsx|ts|tsx|css)$/,
      use: 'source-map-loader',
    const rules = cfg.module.rules;
    rules.splice(1, 0, sourceMapLoader);

  return newConfig;

const overrides = [updateWebpackModuleRules];
module.exports = override(...overrides);

If you’re not familiar with customize-cra, here’s how to use the code above:

  1. save it into config-overrides.js in your project’s root folder
  2. install the following packages: npm i -D github:volune/source-map-loader#fixes immer customize-cra react-app-rewired
  3. Update your package.json scripts to use react-app-rewired instead of react-scripts. Like this:
    "start": "react-app-rewired start",
    "build": "react-app-rewired build",
    "test": "react-app-rewired test",
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