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Support for class properties ?

See original GitHub issue

Sorry if this already has been posted, but i didnot find in issues with keyword “class properties”.

My problem is basically at every new project i start with CRA and then starting to right my components, ESLINT complains about unexpected token =.

Thing is i always start implementing my components with : static propTypes = … static defaultProps = … static contextTypes = … state = { … } method = () => { … } etc …

Research told me these are all under the concept of “class-properties”, i thought CRA has already included ?

I’m on Windows10, node 7.9.0, CRA 1.3.0, and almost nothing installed globally besides yarn and npm-check.

Do i have to install (or write) something else on top of CRA’s base installation ?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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Timercommented, Apr 23, 2017

Sorry, we don’t support standard. There’s not much we can do to help you, unfortunately. You may be better off asking a question like this on StackOverflow.

I suggest you look prettier if you want to format your code. If you want to be close to standard, you can add this script to your package.json:

"format": "prettier --single-quote --no-semi --trailing-comma es5 --write 'src/**/*.js'"

Be sure to run npm install prettier --save-dev.

You can format your code on-demand by running npm run format.

If you want to automate this, check out

If you can figure out how to get standard working, I would be open to a pull request which explains it for people in the future.

Sharlaancommented, Apr 23, 2017

mmmm very impresssive, fast formatter. Thanks for the suggestion 😉

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