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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when Fresco.initialize(this)

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Hi, I have created a simple project At master branch, running the app will trigger a crash on Fresco.initialize(this). Here is the relevant stacktrace

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Landroid/support/v4/util/Pools$SynchronizedPool;
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.buildPlatformDecoder(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getPlatformDecoder(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getPlatformBitmapFactory(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getAnimatedFactory(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getImageDecoder(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getProducerFactory(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getProducerSequenceFactory(
        at com.facebook.imagepipeline.core.ImagePipelineFactory.getImagePipeline(
        at com.facebook.drawee.backends.pipeline.PipelineDraweeControllerBuilderSupplier.<init>(
        at com.facebook.drawee.backends.pipeline.PipelineDraweeControllerBuilderSupplier.<init>(
        at com.facebook.drawee.backends.pipeline.PipelineDraweeControllerBuilderSupplier.<init>(
        at com.facebook.drawee.backends.pipeline.Fresco.initializeDrawee(
        at com.facebook.drawee.backends.pipeline.Fresco.initialize(
        at com.facebook.drawee.backends.pipeline.Fresco.initialize(


Please checkout to master branch, compile, and run in emulator or Android device.


Fresco (com.facebook.imagepipeline) needs additional dependency to which based on this should be in

Additional Information

  • Fresco version: 1.11.0
  • Platform version: Android Emulator API 27

Related with #2194

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

OzzieOrcacommented, Jun 5, 2019

I started getting this error with fresco 1.14.0 and 1.14.1. I had added implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:fresco:1.+' to fix images not loading with React Native 0.59.8. The + started picking up these new versions that aren’t in the changelog. It appears that v1.14.0 migrated to androidx

Downgrading to 1.13.0 with implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:fresco:1.13.0' fixed it for now. Once React Native 0.60.0 lands with androidx support, hopefully the newer versions will work too.

oprisnikcommented, Feb 7, 2019

Please enable Jetifier as mentioned above if you hit this issue. Thanks @JesseBuss for the solution.

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