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peer invalid: @babel/core@7.0.0-beta.38

See original GitHub issue

Do you want to request a feature or report a bug? Bug. It affects React Native too

What is the current behavior? Can not generate npm-shrinkwrap.json file. With command npm ls @babel/plugin-check-constants@7.0.0-beta.38 I discovered that problem is in metro bundler package

└─┬ react-native@0.54.2
  └─┬ metro@0.28.0
    ├── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY @babel/core@7.0.0-beta.42
    └── @babel/plugin-check-constants@7.0.0-beta.38

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce and a minimal repository on GitHub that we can yarn install and yarn test. Create new React Native app via react-native init, install node packages and run npm shrinkwrap command

What is the expected behavior? Generated npm-shrinkwrap.json file

Please provide your exact Metro configuration and mention your Metro, node, yarn/npm version and operating system. Environment: OS: Linux 4.4 Node: 6.13.1 Yarn: Not Found npm: 3.10.10 Watchman: 4.9.0 Xcode: N/A Android Studio: 3.0 AI-171.4443003

Packages: (wanted => installed) react: 16.3.0-alpha.1 => 16.3.0-alpha.1 react-native: 0.54.2 => 0.54.2

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  • Created 5 years ago
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kenmacacommented, Oct 9, 2018

This issue is back in 0.57.2:

yarn check v1.10.1
warning "sane#fsevents#node-pre-gyp@^0.10.0" could be deduped from "0.10.3" to "node-pre-gyp@0.10.3"
error "metro#babel-preset-fbjs#@babel/plugin-check-constants#@babel/core@7.0.0-beta.38" doesn't satisfy found match of "@babel/core@7.1.2"
error Found 1 errors.
rafecacommented, Oct 16, 2018


Thanks for the heads up here! babel-beta.38 is being installed due to babel-preset-fbjs. It seems that with babel@7 stable @babel/plugin-check-constants is not needed anymore so we’re going to remove it from the corresponding package 😄

/cc @jstejada

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