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Add Multilabel Classification Support

See original GitHub issue

🚀 Feature

Provide support for multilabel classification, e.g. Vehicle -> Sedan.


There are several datasets that provide multiple labels for a class. Also, this appears to have a positive impact on transfer learning, new label introduction.


  1. Provide an option to make use of multilabel categories.
  2. Pass through the supercategory attribute from the json annotations.json file. It’d be nice if this was abstracted to enable any number of labels per box but that may require a custom dataset
  3. Increase the number of classes to N_classes + N_superclasses or N_nodes in the case of a 3 or more level class hierarchy.
  4. Switch to BCE loss if there are multiple labels per box.
  5. Generate the truth vector for both precise class and any parent or supercategory(s) of the box.


YOLOv3 implements it in this way, I believe. RFCN takes a different a more divergent approach.

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (1 by maintainers)

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steve-goleycommented, Nov 6, 2018
SaiSarath01commented, Sep 24, 2020

Hi did any one find way for multi label mask rcnn?

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