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Auth+Ticket+Ticket Validation Example?

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Original Issue

I could only find Auth.GetAuthSessionTicket that returns a byte[] via

What do I do from there? In, it’s stupidly complicated to convert it, then you need to send it away for a callback:

ticketBlob = new byte[1024];

// Retrieve ticket; hTicket should be a field in the class so you can use it to cancel the ticket later
// When you pass an object, the object can be modified by the callee. This function modifies the byte array you've passed to it.
hTicket = SteamUser.GetAuthSessionTicket(ticketBlob, ticketBlob.Length, out ticketSize);

// Resize the buffer to actual length
Array.Resize(ref ticketBlob, (int)ticketSize);

// Convert bytes to string
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
foreach (byte b in ticketBlob)
	sb.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", b);
hexTicket = sb.ToString(); // Final result: Then you send it off to Steam to get verified. Send this hexTicket to your BaaS or oAuth2.

// Wait for OnGetAuthSessionTicketResponse to confirm the ticket is valid =>

private void OnGetAuthSessionTicketResponse(GetAuthSessionTicketResponse_t callback)
    // Confirm validity of ticket here

How do I do the Facepunch equiv of this? Rather:

  1. How do you convert an Auth.Ticket to string (the final form)?
  2. How do I validate the ticket (OnGetAuthSessionTicketResponse() equiv.)?

There used to be an example link via this issue ( ). However, it’s now 404.

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

igniusscommented, Oct 24, 2018

If you want to verify the session ticket in a single player experience you’d need to post it to the AuthenticateUserTicket web-api of steamworks, not Server.Instance

The other method would be having a dedicated server that initializes a Server instance example: var server = new Facepunch.Steamworks.Server(252490, options); (see the Facepunch.Test assembly for a big example)

After which you can use the StartSession part on the server, and send a callback to the client if it was correct or not.

I haven’t played around with it yet but,

byte[] ticketBlob = authTicket.Data;
string s = string.Concat(ticketBlob.Select(b => b.ToString("X2")));

seems correct, should just post it to the webapi (see the Steam WebAPI doc for more info )

You can also See this Test-code to see it’s working only difference is you’re testing it locally instead of sending over the binary to the server who then checks it.

dylanh724commented, Nov 17, 2018

Alas, it seems that 50%+ of the time, users are getting an "Invalid Ticket:

{ \"response\" : { \"error\" : { \"errorcode\" : 101 , \"errordesc\" : \"Invalid ticket\"}}}

Anyone know what would cause this?


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