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support nested property filters

See original GitHub issue

Problem: If there is a class say Person

class Person {
   string name;
   int age;
   Address address;

   .. getters and setters

How do we dynamically filter specific nested properties: name, address.state, address.zipcode reusing the same object mapper/writer.

One way is to follow the Spring integration to use property filter However, nested property filters are not supported. This is because of the way Jackson integration works. This is a very common use case to get only the fields clients are interested in runtime.

There are a few implementations already available that are slow because they lookup the jgen root context to build the nested path every time a property is checked if it can be filtered. These implementations also won’t work without explicitly adding JsonFilter annotation on all classes that will be filtered:

The following won’t work without @JsonFilter(“antPathFilter”) on all classes

objectMapper.addMixIn(Object.class, AntPathFilterMixin.class);
filter = new SimpleFilterProvider()
                    new AntPathPropertyFilter("nestedObj", "nestedObj.nestedProperty")

One work around is to explicitly set the same @JsonFilter(“antPathFilter”) on all classes that are nested, which did not make any sense to me. What if I wanted to support multiple filters at the same time tomorrow?

I also ended up writing my own implementation that is fast and that uses SimplePropertyFilter per class built on the nested properties.

The problem really is the way Jackson APIs requests a filter for current property without any context on the current class owning that property.

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manojkr001commented, Aug 22, 2020

It has been a long time since this above question has raised. Any update on support of nested object property filters using Jackson @JsonFilter. @cowtowncoder

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