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Weird behavior in Adjacent Chrome Tabs

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I have written an example and the source code is here, these are the steps for reproduce:

  • Open example in two adjacent Chrome Tabs (I am using Linux Mint 18) and Open the JS console in both. Adjacent Tabs means both are in the same window
  • Copy Your Offer from first Tab to Remote Offer in second Tab and press Save
  • Copy the answer from second Tab to first Tab Remote Answer input and press Save button


  • JS console should show CONNECTED in both Tabs


  • Only the offerer Tab show CONNECTED message

Note that if you probe it with Tabs in different windows this works as expected.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

t-mullencommented, Jun 6, 2017

Seems self._channel.onopen is not being fired when connecting two tabs in the same window.

What is strange is that self._channel.onmessage is still being fired, hence why @matthewtoast 's solution works.

Created a PR to always fire “connect” before emitting data. This should allow you to use normal data to determine connection, instead of sending many heartbeats (assuming you send data on connect to the other peer).

This is definitely a Chrome bug, and we won’t have a real solution until they fix it.

matthewtoastcommented, May 21, 2017

My work around, FWIW: Once the offerer (initiator) hears the connected event, have it begin sending a regular ‘heartbeat’ message. The non-offerer (guest) will begin receiving this data despite never having fired its own connected event (it is connected even though it never says so!). On the non-offerer (guest) side, treat the first ‘heartbeat’ you receive as a substitute for the connected event.

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