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Feature: When dragging images from Firefox, use CF_HDROP

See original GitHub issue

What feature or improvement do you think would benefit Files?

This issue was originally reported in #3357, wherein dragging image files from Firefox into Files would copy a bitmap file with a random file name instead of the expected file name and format.

Consider a JPEG file like If we copy the image from Firefox and then inspect the clipboard format with a tool like InsideClipboard, we can see a list of formats are supported:


Of these, only two of them are image formats: CF_DIBV5 and CF_DIB. The bitmap file that is created today is sourced from one of these two. Firefox however exposes the true file name and format in CF_HDROP, where it points to a temporary file in the user’s local app data folder. See the above image and

If we were to drag and drop the image into Windows File Explorer, we can infer that it respects CF_HDROP because the resulting file is thus saved as ‘Seychelles_parakeet_pair.jpg’ and with a JPEG format, which is what we want.



  • When Files is a drop target from other programs, Files will inspect CF_HDROP to determine if it is suitable for copying/moving files, and otherwise fallback to a different clipboard format.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Trinitekcommented, Jul 4, 2023

Should this be merge with to #11735

That issue looks like drag-and-drop from Files, not to it. This issue doesn’t cover it.

Josh65-2201commented, Jul 4, 2023
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