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Token cannot be created ('str' has no attribute 'decode')

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I’ve recently started to incorporate GraphQL into one of my existing projects. Installed django-graphql-jwt according to the documentation but whenever I run the below, I get the following error:

mutation { tokenAuth( username: "dummy", password: "dummydummy" ) { token } }

{ "errors": [ { "message": "'str' object has no attribute 'decode'", "locations": [ { "line": 2, "column": 3 } ], "path": [ "tokenAuth" ] } ], "data": { "tokenAuth": null } }

I’ve searched almost everywhere but I cannot track down what the issue and as far as I can see it should work?

Relevant pieces of code:

    "SCHEMA": "blackbook.schema.schema",


import graphql_jwt

from .api import user

class Query(user.Query, graphene.ObjectType):

class Mutation(graphene.ObjectType):
    token_auth = graphql_jwt.ObtainJSONWebToken.Field()
    verify_token = graphql_jwt.Verify.Field()
    refresh_token = graphql_jwt.Refresh.Field()

schema = graphene.Schema(query=Query, mutation=Mutation)```

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bsiebenscommented, Dec 16, 2020

Further investigation learned that this is a change in pyjwt, where as from version 2.0.0 the token returned will not be a sequences of bytes but a string. Solved for now by pinning the version of pyjwt to <2.

gtg7784commented, Jan 12, 2021

Another option to fix this issue, install PyJWT==1.7.0

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